Cheng-Ta Huang
Assistant Professor
Department of Information Management
Oriental Institute of Technology
58, Sihchuan Rd. Sec.2, Pan-Chiao District,
New Taipei City 22061,Taiwan, R.O.C

Office: Cheng-Chin Building 20810
Phone: +886 2 77388000 ext 5330
Email: cthuang (at) or oit.cthuang (at)

Areas of Research Interests:
• Internet Applications and Information Hiding Applications
• Digital Image Processing
• Object Detection
• Data Analysis
• Data Compression
• Information Security

Teaching Experience:
(1081, 1MI1005) OOa
(1081, 1MI1005) OOb
(1081, 1MI1005) Java Programming
(1076, 1MI1005) Programming Language II (Python)
(1072, 1MI1037b) Dynamic Web Programming B (ASP.Net)
(1072, 1MI1037a) Dynamic Web Programming A (ASP.Net)
(1072, 1MI2015) Mobile Device Programming

Previous Courses:
(1061, 1IM2123AB) APP Inventor2 AB, (1061,1MI1013AB) Object-Oriented Programming, (1061, 1MI2052) Java Programming (1052, 1MI1037AB) Dynamic Web Programming (PHP), (1052, 1MI2015) Mobile Device Programming , more...

Publication: The information can be obtained at Cheng-Ta Huang's publication list.